June 22, 2008 leisure 2

Even as a current stay at home mom and it being summertime, I enjoy weekends. My husband is home, we are able to do family things. Our weekends are a mixed bag of activities. Sometimes we are off watching a softball or soccer game one of our girls is playing in. This fall we’ll add N’s football games into that.

This weekend has been a stay at home, work a little, and relax a little time. I have to say I like them so much. We were able to sleep in and leisurely get up and begin the plan for what we wanted to accomplish. Kevin got the kids outside (somewhat grudgingly) to clean up the backyard. We are not pristine yard folks, we have a decent yard, it’s not the scourge of the neighborhood, but it’s not the best. The backyard is flanked by neighboring large oaks and doesn’t get enough sun to help the grass flourish. We mow it, rake the leaves, and keep it just ok looking. When the girls were little we had a large wooden swing set/play set put up and it’s been in disuse for years. I’ve wanted it taken down for a couple of years, and the only thing Kevin did was remove the swings and the slide….big deal, ha ha. On a wild hair the girls got the idea they would disassemble it and I cheered as the boards started coming apart. They are at it still today.

When the rains came in yesterday afternoon, Kevin scrubbed the patio furniture down in the rain, and put it back. The kids helped me finish some inside clean up, and then we all cleaned up and played a card game. N didn’t win, so he loudly said several times” I hate this game”….silly boy.

C’s boyfriend came and we had dinner, and watched a DVD, it was just so peaceful and nice.

Today we got up and went to church and we visited with friends.

I do love weekends.

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  1. Beth

    What card game did you play? My oh so sweet almost 10 yr old routinely throws cards at me when she doesn’t win! @@…

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