mom mode

June 27, 2008 home, mom 3

This week has mostly been mom stuff, take kids here and there, clean, cook, do laundry, and today, grocery shopping. My son went with me, which is usually pleasant. He enjoys samples at the deli counter and picking out a few treats, and helping me follow my list.

I used to enjoy grocery shopping and cooking more. I’ve been in a bit of a funk, so this morning I handed my three children some food magazines and challenged then to each find a new but simple dinner recipe. Quite impressively they found a few and I bought ingredients to try some new stuff this next week.

I think I’ll sneak off in an hour or so and get a pedicure, my poor toes are not looking so good…….

3 Responses to “mom mode”

  1. Beth

    Great idea Anita. I was just sitting here thinking about the same thing… We have been eating way to much chicken…

    What color are your toes now???

  2. Just Me

    Let us know if you eat anything good. Would love to add something new to my menu. It’s feeling kind of blah lately.

  3. Crazy Mom of Three

    I know what you mean about cooking. It seems to be something you have to sort of reinvent from time to time. Great idea to get input from the kids. Let us know if you cook something great! As for your toes, have fun!

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