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Do you have a lot of friends? I have a few very close friends, and a few aquaintences and a few online friends that are as good as any friends I have geographically close to me.

I wouldn’t consider my friendships or relationships far reaching or broad. I trust and cherish a few people, but I don’t open up and spill my guts to many. I’ve been burned more than once on trusting someone and then feeling their judgement or need to advise me.

Summer makes me think of all the free time and pleasure I had as a teen and the time I spent literally doing nothing with my best friends. We did typical things, like laying out in the sun, going to the pool, talking on the phone, seeing movies, eating, and eventually driving.

Being a busy mom leaves little time for my friendships in the summer, and I sort of regret it, but then feel silly because how much more time do I really have with my children? My girls will be off to college in a little more than 3 years, and then summers will be spent with them working and socializing with their local friends.

So as moms we sacrifice our own wishes very often for the good of our children, sadly in 8 years even my son will be off to college and there will be so much time for me, my friends, alone time with my husband, and missing all the things my children bring us. For now, I have to be satisfied with talking, and blogging and reading posts and emailing for the most part during a busy summer full of 15 and under activities.

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  1. Beth

    I think life just evolves like that. I have friendships that are just kind of there…I can call on them and they will be there for me..but we don’t have to “spend” time together to prove anything…KWIM?

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