A new journey

July 2, 2008 Uncategorized 1

Today my youngest, my son N, had spacers put in his mouth to make way for his braces that are going on next Tuesday. My girls had braces for about 18 months and the results were two stunningly straight and beautiful smiles. N has a much more severe problem and his time in braces will be over 2 years, but that’s ok, in the end I know we’ll all be pleased.

The girls warned him about slight pain, but he is just fine, says they are hardly bothering him, but he is sad about the loss of chewy candy and gum in his life…LOL.

I never had braces, born into a family with naturally straight teeth and very proud of it. My hubby came from a large family, and his parents were unable to pay for orthodontia for their sons, so in a joking, but realistic way, I blame my kids teeth on his heridity.

And so the journey begins to my son’s straight teeth and corrected bite…….many adjustments and bands and advil to come.

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  1. Beth

    From what I gather… N seems to have a good attitude about life… I bet the brace thing will be smooth sailing for him!

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