Where has the time gone?

July 15, 2008 summmer 2

Our summer(or my children’s summer vacation) is flying by. We hit the half way point this week, and it seems unreal to me. Where have the past 5 weeks gone? A better question might be……what have we done?

We’ve been away 3 weekends for softball tournaments. We’ve been to the beach 4 times. We’ve only been to the Y to work out twice(shame shame). We’ve been out to eat WAYYYYYY too much(examine my wallet please). We’ve seen 2 movies……some have seen more. We have read very little……..ugh on my part for not asking for more.

As we start the last 5 weeks of our break, I am hoping we make the most of it. We have a lot going on. Two more weeks of local national softball tournaments. My girls go away for a week of Youth Group camp. My son and I are going to Texas to visit my family. My girls birthday and their impending driver’s permits. I already feel frazzled when I think about school supply shopping, new clothes, and the prep.

I think I need a nap now!

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  1. Beth

    I think planning those weekends and waiting for them eat up lots of time… thus the days fly by. I am not pleased with the speed of the summer…but oh well. We have a few bigger things planned…the kids birthday and my Mission Trip and that will be about it!

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