August 25, 2008 Uncategorized 0

My 3 children went back to school today, sort of for the second time. We had day 1 and then we had Tropical Storm Fay, and they missed 4 days…….what a mess!

My oldest twin daughters have started their sophomore year of high school, when I say it out loud it seems so old….how could that be? They both have challenging schedules and classes and am supporting them in any way I can. My youngest, my son, is now in 5th grade, and that too seems light years ahead of where my baby needs to be. I think with him it’s so caught between wanting to see him grow up and wanting to see him stay young. With my first children I wanted to see them grow and learn and try new things and I was in awe at each step they took. Having been down this path, I’m more willing to move slower, to take it all in, to stop and savor the moments. My son has different ideas, he wants each new thing, each step towards independance, he is eager to reach each milestone. It’s hard for me and yet I know my role as a parent is to do my absolute best, and then let them each go.

My home is quiet now, and actually quite peaceful and enjoyable…ha ha. I think I’ll pour another cup of coffee, and enjoy it for a bit.

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