Political excitement

August 27, 2008 Uncategorized 1

My home is full of it. We have always been a family that watches the news, reads the paper and talks about local, national and world events. It’s the type of home I was raised in, my husband too, so we enjoy passing this on to our children.

An election year can be so exciting and full of opportunities for debate and discussion. One of my daughters is in World History class, and her teacher is asking them to take the time to watch the conventions and listen to the speaches and discussing in class how it makes them feel, and what they are learning. I’m thrilled because I love it so much!

Just to set the record, I was raised by die hard Democrats, my father never crosses the party line and he’s proud of that. He’s a Union man through and through. I am not as rigid in my political views, but I must admit that I’ve never been entralled with any national Republican candidate. I fully support Barack Obama, and plan to work locally on the campaign.

Last night I loved Hillary Clinton’s speech, I thought it did the job it needed to do. Certainly her supporters are saddened that she is not the nominee and candidate for the Dem party, but the so-called anger and threats to vote for McCain have to end and each voter must decide which person can lead our country best. I can’t imagine a person who could see that logical change from Hillary to McCain. I liked her honesty and her whit, she is a great speaker and great leader in her own right.

My children are involved and curious as to how this race will be run, and how it will end. They want us to put up our yard sign and get a magnet for the vehicles, they want to attend rallies and let everyone know who we support and why, and at their young ages of 10 and 15, I am proud to have had this positive impact on them. We are never sure if our job as role model is working, but this time I know a bit of me and my husband, a bit of our heritage and desire to be involved is rubbing off.

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  1. Beth

    You are awesome! My little one was enthralled with Hillary’s speech last night! She gets it and I love it!

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