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Do you know the Earth Wind and Fire song? It’s a great one! I think I recall it most from the fall of 1978 when I was a freshman in college, a guy I’d met, a sort of love interest, but mostly a friend had an old convertible, and he came to my dorm to pick me up to just hang out. He found me gone, but he ran into a bunch of my friends and they knew where I was on campus and they piled in and they found me, blaring the music to this song, singing and happy to be out on a crisp fall day. They were all smiles and screams when the found me walking across the Mizzou campus and I ran to greet them and jump in the car. Four of us girls piled up on the top back seat, dangerously riding in this car, singing and yelling hellos and hey there’s to everyone we saw. It was so much fun………..and so when I think of early fall, and this month and this song, this is one of my favorite memories.

Here in way to sunny and hot FL fall barely comes at all. We get no changing leaves or chilly nights for months. I still call this home and love many things about FL, but I do miss the things I grew up with in the mid-west.

To shake things up and change them around, I think later this week or next I’ll decorate my house for Halloween early! I’ll get out the fall leaf swags and hang then from our entertainment center, and the pumpkins and the spooky ghosts and I’ll enjoy that I get them out early and can say, look I’m ready….lol.

You know, I have that EWF CD, and I’m going to get it out now, and blare that song………and remember some fall. Then ofcourse I’ll have to get out and pick up the kids from school, in the 88 degree heat…….but it will still be ok.

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  1. Valerie

    I love this post! GO TIGERS LOL Seriously, there is nothing like September, is there? I want to see pictures of your fall house!

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