September 10, 2008 work 7

I’ve been discussing returning to the work force. Those that knew me from 22-40 would laugh that I even left it. I loved working, making my own money, contribuiting to our family, all of that. I made a decent income, and worked hard, but 7 years ago my family needed me to stay home and I did it.
Now things are much different, and with two off to college in 3 years I need to bring in some more money.
The real question is, doing what? I have no desire to return to work in retail or banking, even though my positions were good and my salary good, those jobs are demanding and not what I want now.
My first goal is for something part time and flexible and then perhaps I can work my way back into something more. Management and Marketing are such broadbased areas, and my experience is sales and customer service driven. Oddly enough, I sometimes think I’d be happy in a quiet cubicle just working away…lol.

If you had to start a new path after 7 years of hiatus………what would you do?

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  1. Beth

    I would…hmmmmm…. I would hope that I would be up to date in my field and then teach at the college level…ideally online… The other thing I really like is the medical field…I would love to be a psych nurse…

  2. Anita

    Oh Beth, you could teach online. I have friends that do it. They both have a Masters(well the wife a doctorate). She has been in CC education for years, and also teaches online. her dh is retired, I worked with him at JCP years ago and he LOVES it! They have suggested I get my Master’s and do this, but hmmmmm, going back to school is not really in my plan.

  3. Crazy Mom of Three

    I would register with a temp service and sign up to do office work (or whatever was available) at various companies … this would give me a chance to experience different companies and duties. And I could have flexibility versus permanence while I learn what I like a lot. What do you think of this idea?

  4. Anita

    Susan, I like that idea, and I’ve actually considered it. I don’t have a lot of real office type experience, but I am trainable. I might look into it.

  5. Beth

    Anita my teaching at the college is work in progress..I have started to research online teaching too… my draw back is that my Masters is too general so I have to figure out a way to sell myself! Wish my luck…

  6. Crazy Mom of Three

    Anita, at some of the temp agencies here, they provide free computer training for their temps … everything from word processing software to web building software. As long as you are on their payroll (even if you don’t have a job assigned to you yet), you are allowed to take these trainings. This would be one thing I would like about this kind of job (because you have a free opportunity to get some current skills.) Manpower is one agency that I know offers this, but there are others around here who also do that. Good luck!

  7. Valerie

    I did just do this! I returned to substitute teaching. It works really well for me. I’m home with the kids, I am bringing in some decent money, and I really only work when I want to. It’s perfect! But, it isn’t for everyone. I used to work temp jobs and that was perfect for me at the time. I was able to get on the job training. And temps aren’t JUST office work anymore.

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