Sort of a Role Reversal

September 16, 2008 Uncategorized 2

I am a daughter. My parents are 81 and 83, and for the most part, I am blessed their health is fairly good. My father has Parkinson’s and macular degeneration. He has learned to accept most of his limitations, but he is often frustrated at not being able to do more. My mom has a rare form of glaucoma and her vision is failing quickly. She can no longer read even large print books without a magnifying glass. Her vision has decreased to the point that she can no longer safely drive, and with all the things that life has dealt them, they are moving.
They are so lucky, they are moving to a lovely Retirment community apartment. They will be nearer my siblings, and they should be around nice people and they should be able to make friends. That is TBD…ha ha.

I find my role in their life not that of me looking to them for guidance, but for them looking to me and my sibs for advice, some approval, some help. They don’t like to appear that way, who would. They only accept any of the above if they ask, not if given without prompt.

I am blessed, to be a daughter, to have my parents, and I know this. I just need to pray for more strength and wisdom.

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  1. Beth

    Hey it is hard..when my mom fell…I saw a huge decline in her willingness to be was a big adjustment…when all settles you will get back some normalacy! Hang in there

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