Teen Drivers

September 24, 2008 Uncategorized 4

It has been 6 weeks since my twin teen daughters began driving with their permits. Prior that their 15th birthday they drove in our neighborhood and in parking lots and nothing over 20 mph,and with very little traffic.I admit, at first it was very nerve racking to sit in that passenger seat next to them. I found my self very tense and gripping the door handle, and praying a lot!I’ve relaxed a bit, both girls are doing well, learning to watch for others, and what to do when they approach intersections, and highway on and off ramps, speed changes etc. I believe that teaching them has made me more aware of the rude drivers out there. People speed more often than not, on all kinds of roads, and when they pass our vehicle with a teen driving, and doing just the speed limit, they stare, and then sort of have an “aha” moment. Still drivers hug the rear of the car, seem irritable and in a hurry all of the time. I know I will survive the next 46 weeks in this journey. The real prayers will begin when they are out driving on their own……………oh goodness………do you think I’ll need to be medicated….ha ah!?

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  1. yubi2

    Our son has just started driving on his learners permit, and it is a very nervous time for both of us….for him driving and for me in the car with him trying to help guide him. If other drivers know there is a new teen driver behind the wheel, they tend to be more forgiving and patient. We found a great product at http://www.RookieDriver.Net to help out – they provide ‘new driver’ magnets or stickers to place on your car during this most inexperienced and dangerous time of your child’s life. They helped out a lot for us.

  2. Anita

    Hey Beth! You’re not suppose to remind me that there may be a first accident. My dh has never had a car accident………..so maybe the’ll get his good record. I had two minor fender benders in HS. I’ve only had 2 traffic tickets in 32 years of driving!

  3. Beth

    I have had my share…middle dd tore off the side mirror when backing up and got to close to a tree…so it wasn’t a reported accident…but still an accident.. oldest had one… dh seems to really luck out…

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