letting them go

September 25, 2008 children 0

As my children grow, I realize how much less they need me for things. Oh sure they still want me to cook and do their laundry and clean the house, heck I wish someone would do those things for me!
I’m talking about the need for me to make plans for them, to take them to more places, to be in charge of more of their time. It’s been happening for years now, little bits at a time, but it seems recently that my teen girls need more less and less.
I love this, I love their independance, I love their own sense of adventure and seeking out new friends, and new experiences. I play chauffer plenty, but it’s happening more that friends can drive, and in 11 short months, they each will have a driver’s license and be even more independant.
Even my young son, whom I adore and would keep small forever if I could, is more self sufficient. I find myself doing less for him, and he’s picking up the slack, taking care of himself, and making me proud and sad at the same time.
I keep hearing that Circle of Life song from The Lion King……and it’s true.

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