September 27, 2008 relaxation 1

I just love the weekends.
Ok, by anyone’s standards my family is busy. We don’t stay home enough…lol, but it’s our life.
I enjoyed sleeping in a little.
I made pancakes for breakfast.
The girls got to help with the pre homecoming decorating comittee
N had a football game. It wound up being a mess……..tempers flaired and it was called short, but we were there to support him.
My dh’s company picnic was today, so we had some time to eat and enjoy that.
I have a little quiet time now………and I’m going back to my book, with some coffee and an orange chocolate scone from my favorite local bakery…yummmmmm.

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  1. Beth

    Anita… there is nothing like a relaxing weekend…I am so craving one… things are crazy busy and emotional…but all is good and we are content… Hope your Sunday is as nice as today!

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