Decluttering and purging

October 1, 2008 home 1

My parents recently moved, downsizing a home from a marriage of over 60 years, 2500 sq ft to 900 sq ft……….a monumental task!
I’ve learned something……………throw it away now!
My siblings tell stories of multiple bottles of tums and too many sets of towels. My mom had 4 sets of measuring cups, my mom clearly never threw anything out!
We all tend to keep, to save, to maybe even hoard a bit too much. I do not want to be like that in 30+ years, heck I don’t want to be like that now! In an effort to clean my own house and soul I’ve been going through my cabnets, my drawers my closets and you know, if we haven’t used it, if I can’t wear it, if we won’t eat it, etc etc…………’s got to go!
Now I know many would say…..GARAGE SALE….but not me. I simply don’t have the time or energy to nickel and dime sell my stuff. It’s not worth it to me. My de-cluttering has only 2 places to go, garbage can or sharing center. If something has a life, and someone can use it, I’ll donate it. If it’s put junk…………and much of it is…………away it is going!

Now, if I can find a way to store the sentimental stuff I will be doing good. I can’t throw away the art work from Pre-K( and I have 3 children), I can’t throw away brochures from dozens of trips, didnt I say I was going to scrapbook those one day! If I can clear out the clutter first and then maybe get a grip on the sentimental things……….maybe just maybe I won’t be over explaining to my own children why I have 20 tubes of clinique GWP moisturizer in my bathroom in 30 years…..ha ha ha!

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  1. Beth

    Hey Chickee
    remember me telling you about all that…In the book Soul Salsa…it says if it can’t tell a story than it isn’t worthy of being kept! It is hard…but so rewarding to do. I have been in the process for about 4 months…I only do a bit at a time. I have been saving a few toys, of course pictures and some books…that is about it! How about taking pictures of the artwork…save a few super special ones and take pics of the others..then you still have them…I am proud of you for going thru this process…You should check out the book Soul Salsa…some of it is @@…but lots of interesting things, too!

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