The other daughter

October 17, 2008 teens 4

It dawned on me that I need to also show off the other teen in my house. A is my first born, by 2 entire minutes! She will always tell you she is oldest. She is the Alpha twin, the dominating louder, more adament about her rights twin. A is a wonderful girl, full of life and you would never sense anything but strength and determination in her. Her much softer side is shown to very few. She is like all of us, she has insecurities and weaknesses, but she hates to show them.
A had a great time at homecoming, she didn’t have a date, she met up with a bunch of friends at the dance, and she had a great time!
On this topic, she gave me no stress! Yay!

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  1. Anita

    LOL, A really is her nickname. When she bats, or whatever she is playing in her softball games, I always yell……….”come on little A” She was once my tiny little A baby, A for her name, A for her being baby A of A and B, and with me being the first A, she is my little A 🙂

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