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October 23, 2008 Uncategorized 2

Oh my Stars I can’t believe it’s only 12 days away!!!! I keep saying I’m going to early vote, but the news says the lines are long. I can always go vote during the day on Nov 4, and sadly I rarely have to wait. I’m hopeful this year the turnout will be so high I’ll have to wait in line…..yay!
Naturally I continue to support Obama, and I continue to be amazed by the stupid things coming out of the mouths of Republicans. Does Sarah Palin really think the VP gets to work side by side with the Senate? Does McCain really think she is the most qualified VP candidate in recent history? Does the RNC really think you can spend $150 K to put lipstick on a pig? Ever heard the one about making a silk purse out of a sow’s ear? My sweet darling husband reminded me of that one last night! And lastly does that STUPID Congresswoman from MN really think that Barack is anti-American?? Oh my GOD! I keep hearing sound bites from that interview and cringing! Clearly the RNC agrees, as they pulled all their money from her yesterday.
Granted Stupid must be in the fall air, as our own Joe Biden put his own foot in it this past week too. I’ts almost like………….stop, don’t say too much….giggle!
I can hardly watch The View……..Hasselbeck is such an idiot, if she had an original thought it was likely back in her Survivor days. She knows those party lines and that is about all. I almost went thru the TV yesterday when she asked Joy if she wanted any more Obama Kool-aid…..how nasty is that!!!

To say the least I think the pressure has to stay on, I don’t expect a landslide victory, I do want a win………..a big ol’ fat win for the Dems…………..and a real CHANGE in our Executive branch.

Judy……..my dear NJ buddy is taking her 14 year old to DC for the inauguration when Obama wins! She is so excited to share this important history with her teen………I’m so jealous, and thrilled for them at the same time. I can tell you one thing………it will be a big party at my house. Oddly enough the day Bill Clinton was first sworn in Jan 1993 I was at home, laying in bed pregnant with my twin girls, only we didn’t know we were having twins, and I had woken up spotting. So I spent all day in bed praying for my baby, and proudly watching WJC take the oath of office.

Encourage everyone to Vote………right or wrong, get the Vote out! Volunteer 3 hours or less for Obama and help get the vote out!

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  1. DCup

    Hi, Anita! I’m right there with you hoping for a decisive win. We will be living history and I want to celebrate that moment.

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