6 days and counting

October 29, 2008 Uncategorized 3

I can’t believe the election is in 6 days……….6 days and voting will be all done, and they will be counted and someone will be celebrating!
I hate to get excited………….but I think it’s going to be Barack Obama celebrating!
It’s a tight race in many states, and I happen to live in one of them! FL is still on the line, and we’ve had a ton of visits from the Candidates and thier supporters. I am so bummed because tonight in the Orlando are both Barack and Bill Clinton will be at a rally! OMG, I’d love to be there……..but it’s at 11pm, and I do have kids, with sports and it is over an hour away, and the reasons for it not being doable go on and on…………..but I can’t imagine the energy those two men will generate in that crowd.
The inuendos and slams and negatives have been so ugly and unwarrented in this campaign. Wouldn’t it be nice if the candidates weren’t forced to go negative, but to just defend their own plans and give the merits of that and not how their opponent is not right and all the other BS. Who really cares what SP is wearing, the RNC were fools to spend that much $$,but she’s not really at fault, unless you can say she should have turned it all down. Why do we splice tape of Obama and Biden together to make their every word sound negative and socialist/Marxist/Communist? Why do we keep asking……….who is the real BO, and what do we know about him. In this age of intellgence and technology and so much more enlightenment, we still seem to run to the lowest common denominator of fear and doubt……….so ugly.
The republican governor of FL had to ammend the rules for early voting in FL yesterday. The republican legislature and given them only 8 hours a day M-F for early voting, but lines are hours long………….and people who work typical day jobs can’t go 8:30 to 4:30………..those people were idiots! So now………early voting is 7am-7pm……….and we have Saturday/Sunday hours this weekend too……………..imagine if the state had given those options for the last 9 days……….whew!
It’s exciting…………so whether you agree with me or not………………..get out and vote!!!

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  1. Crazy Mom of Three

    I agree it is exciting but I am tired of it … so I am excited that it is going to be over soon (or so I hope!) I have a hunch this won’t end the day after the election though; someone is going to get out of sorts; there will be some county in a state of confusion over their votes and there might even be law suits … I just can’t see this going smoothly and quietly after all of the action of past months. But hopefully I will be wrong about that prediction.

  2. DCup

    I’m excited, optimistic even. I’m also really ready for this election day to come so we can know already. It’s worse than Christmas Eve.

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