Manic Monday

November 3, 2008 Uncategorized 1

Can you hear The Bangles? I find myself humming it many a Monday. I completely love the routine of my life some days, and this morning this is one. My husband and children are off to work and school, I am here to do the routine running of our home with laundry and cleaning and re-organizing after a weekend of sports and running around. The rush to get them up and out is indeed manic.

So I hope your day is peaceful, maybe not so manic. I hope each of you is contemplating the election and your VOTE. I know that will excitement filled most of us are ready for this to be done. I’ve been marking my sample ballot this morning and making sure beyond the Presidency that I am prepared on the state and local officials and state constitutional ammendments.

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  1. DCup

    I love the calm after the storm when I can be home alone to get things settled again. I really miss working from home for that reason.

    I’m ready to vote and prepared to wait in line if I must.

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