Friday Five

November 7, 2008 Uncategorized 4

The five best things about Today!!

1. It’s Friday…………yay, the end of another school and work week.

2. My mom is home from the hospital! I never wrote about it, but she had a light stroke and was hospitalized last week. She is back with my dad now……….and she’ll have some home health care and PT, OT and ST to get her back on track.

3. My husband…lets call him The Accountant…giggle……got paid his bonus this week…whoohooo, a bit less than last years, but with economic times what they are, hell I’m happy he got one!

4. We have a new President Elect!!! Barack Obama’s election brings forth a new era in our country. Many have compared it to the era of JFK, where there was much hope and pride in the USA. I look forward to the CHANGE.

5. I’ll end on one slightly evil note……I laugh out loud daily at the political infighting and backstabing within the Republican party………..they have to blame someone for their losses. They lost everywhere, the Presidency, Senate and House seats……….and my Lord they are nasty!!! For as much as I dislike Sarah Palin, nothng I’ve thought about her is as distasteful as what inside aids have reported……spending more money, not knowing that Africa is a continent, writing her own accpetance and concession speaches………ummmm didn’t anyone tell her that win or lose the VP doesn’t get the spotlight anylonger….teehee! No one else in the US has to give her a hard time, the RNC is doing enough already……….oh well!

What are your top 5?

4 Responses to “Friday Five”

  1. Amy Mae

    I’m glad your mom is home! My mom had a stroke earlier this year and fortunately she doesn’t have any lasting effects from it. I hope for the same for your mom!

  2. DCup

    1) I’m glad your mother is improving!
    2) My oldest got her first college acceptance letter and it included a scholarship award!
    3) A new direction for this country.
    4) I’m taking a trip alone this weekend to hang out with friends.
    5) It’s beautiful here in GA today.

  3. Crazy Mom of Three

    To find such joy in the cowardly and hurtful gossip about a strong and successful woman who has accomplished so much and handled herself so well in the face of such hate and sexism, is something I just will never understand. Have the cowards accusing Sarah Palin of such things stepped up yet? If this information is true, then where are these people and who are they; and, let’s get to the bottom of this and find out what really happened, or didn’t happen. It is pretty easy to say a lot of things while hiding behind a mask of some sort. Cowards these people are! I don’t buy this junk about Sarah Palin personally and I think it is sad that this sort of thing is happening and being mocked by women who have no reason to be threatened by Sarah Palin’s success at this point. I find it sad that so many women take such delight in this woman’s undoing. This could be one of our daughters’ someday. I hope society has evolved before something like this happens to one of them someday 🙁

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