Saturday Busy

November 8, 2008 kids, soccer, softball 3

I gloriously(is that a word) slept til 7:30am and then layed in bed with my man. I got a shower and then make pancakes for the hugngry masses. ok, I’ve decided to just go with real names, as I really do have a husband and 3 kids…ha ha. Kevin took Nick off to their busy boy day, Alter server classes and a football end of season party.
I’m off to take Adriennne, see what the A was for….giggle, to a camp-out with her softball team. Caitie(Soccer) and I are out to find new cleats and just shop and enjoy ourselves. I have a list of about 10 stores in the Orlando area to search….pray we find a pair that fits her, she’s a bit fussy!

Enjoy your day…………………’s going to be 80 and sunny and beautiful here in Coastal Fl….ahhhhhhh

3 Responses to “Saturday Busy”

  1. Beth

    In November 80 sounds wayyyyy to hot… We were just commenting that the cool/cold weather was a welcome here…

  2. Anita

    LOL, a high of just 80 is comfortable to us. From May-mid October we had a high of 90 or more each day………so 80 is nice. I prefer 75 for a high, but it was still a really lovely day. It’s all relative and what you are accustomed to.
    I have no desire to live in truely cold weather again.

  3. Beth

    Well thank God it ain’t Alaska! lol I was just playin’ with ya! I don’t plan on staying here forever but it is home! I am glad you found some cleats…

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