The Auto Bailout Dilema

November 19, 2008 Uncategorized 4

In not the so distant past our US government decided to give @ $700 billon dollars to our ailing financial institutions and to help mortgage forclosures. We’ve seen that the money has NOT all gone to those that really need it, and that there were no conditions set for how the money was to be used……..have we lost our minds!?
I’m torn on my feelings about the Big 3. Many of you know I am a child of an Auto Worker. My dad is a proud Ford and UAW retiree. He spent most of his career negotiating and fighting for the rights of auto workers and other men and women who worked in manufacturing. He has a very comfortable retirement and benefits most of us can only dream of. I own a Ford Van,our second and we own it in part because of the deep discount we were able to get on it from my relationship with my dad. We also own a Honda, our second, and we have been over the top happy with it’s performance, holding it’s value and dependability. How did a daughter of the UAW get to this perplexing place?
Well I’m not a blind follower. I’ve seen the US auto makers failing to provide the kind of vehicles many americans want. I live in the south, land of trucks and SUV’s, and too much gasoline consumption. When I drop my daughters off at HS I’m sickened and amazed at the huge pick up trucks these teens drive………does anyone really need that size gas hog at age 16 and 17?
So the questions loom…………do we let GM go bankrupt, do we loan or bail them out beforehand? I don’t know, I listen to analysts and I still have no clear answer, Congress is having hearings and is weighing all options. I feel we can’t let them go under, fail, too many jobs are at stake and the domino effect is huge. We need manufacturing in this country!
We’ll know soon enough.
I’ll likely be replacing my Ford in the next year, and I’m looking at Honday’s and Toyotas…….a sign of the times……….unless the Big 3 can give me a comparable vehicle to choose from.

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  1. Beth

    I have always always been sickened by the SUV craze… we have owned a couple mini vans and bought a super used Ford Explorer. We currently own a Ford Tauras and a Buike Century….. I think Obama was right on…that even tho the gas prices have dropped we need to rethink how we are using our resources… I think if we “bailout” the Big 3 huge stipulations need to be put on them. I am still waiting for a personal bailout on my finances…hahahah

  2. Crazy Mom of Three

    I have big issues related to bailouts that will eventually cost American taxpayers. The times in my personal life when I have been bailed out, only put off the learning for me that needed to happen. The numerous times in my life that I have bailed my brother out of issues, have never still, ever, helped him to learn the lessons needed to no longer get into those messes.

    It is only now in my life that I am truly learning about debt in a new way and there has been no bailout to get me here. I think it is wrong to just throw money we don’t have as a nation at this stuff, when we are in debt as a nation, so severely.

    However, I do not know the answers. I just know that I do not trust our government to make smart, wise, efficient decisions about money. They seem to be the worst example of all when it comes to that. Our national debt is its own message there and I have seen wasteful government spending up close and personally through my previous line of work (I managed a government-funded social services program.)

    I honestly think if we bailout the auto makers, it won’t help them rise above their failure to stay competitive 🙁

    Even Honda sales are suffering right now because people can’t get loans though. I also have family members who reap great retirement benefits from Chrysler and GM. I love my Chysler mini van and I am a big Chryler fan personally. We have a Chrysler Town and Country mini van and a GM pick up truck right now.

  3. DCup

    I agree that if there is a bailout for the big three, there must be some very strong conditions.

    The American people bear some responsibility for this, too. Those car makers have always made regular old cars, sedans, etc. Americans bought those big gas guzzlers either because they thought they needed all that space or because they liked the psychological effects of wielding those huge vehicles.

    The SUV didn’t really off more inside space or storage space than cars do. The only advantage is that they sit higher.

    We’ve also had media celebrities pushing the idea that there’s no need to conserve and the “real men” or “real Americans” drive big vehicles.

    I’m sorry for my long-winded responses to say that there’s plenty of blame to go around.

  4. Janette

    I am wondering how your dad’s retirement will be affected if the bail out doesn’t come through and the bankrupt industry is allowed to let go of those old contracts?

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