The small child mouth

November 19, 2008 kids 4

This is my son Nick……………for some reason my pictures are backwards….argh!!!
This is suppose to show the before and after of his braces, those were within a week…… July. Today we return for an adjustment, and I’m planning on showing an updated pic of his teeth and how they are moving…’s fairly amazing, even though he has lots of work left for them to do!

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  1. Crazy Mom of Three

    Are those colored braces? Must be something new. They are cute 🙂

    Our dentist hasn’t mentioned any need for braces yet for ds. I hope we can avoid all three kids needing them at least.

  2. Anita

    The little bands around the brackets are colored, so each time they adjust you pick out new colors.
    All 3 of mine have had bite issues, Kevin’s mouth is all messed up, my teeth are straight!

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