Friday Five

November 21, 2008 Uncategorized 2

Wow, it’s Friday already! I like to give some thanks to another week in my life, and when I get down……to recall, life really is fairly good.
1. I’m thankfull to have my family. My sister can call me from 1000 miles away and make me smile and make such calm sense. My daughters are bright and fearless and so inspiring. My son is a charmer and caring. My husband, well I just needto be thankful he’s still seeing the love in me and that he stays with me…ha ha.
2. I’m thankful for friends, and I’m having lunch with a few today.
3. I’m thankful for a few newer friends that have formed a support group for my son’s school. The school I pay tuition to, and yet have felt frustration and doubt with. They are helping me look at all things in a new light.
4. I’m thankful for bloggers, who knew there was so much cool stuff to find on blogs and then I read those bloggers fav blogs and I’m amazed at the diversity out there…………I LOVE IT.
5. One more time on thankful for my teen girls. A classmate of theirs made some poor choices last weekend and it’s since been the talk of the school. I shudder at 15 and 16 year olds drinking and I am relieved that those are not battles we are fighting at this time. My girls are outraged at what has happened and I hope they see the foolishness of this and try hard not to be taken in by peer pressure.

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  1. DCup

    You do have much to be grateful for and it’s nice that you write it out each week.

    Phew! Thank goodness for kids who do the right thing!

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