Time Flies!

November 25, 2008 holidays 4

And some days I’m not even having fun!

I have been so busy, and most of it either in chauffering the underlings, or prepping for Thankgiving. Good golly, it’s a day/meal and it’s only the 5 of us, but my grocery bill and list of foods to prepare would indicate otherwise. I have perhaps lost sight of the thankfulness.

Nick did indeed havs his first time as an alter server this past Sunday………..too cute or what? He did very well.
Adrienne played in what seemed like a LONG softball tournament. The team played up an age group, and we are down 3 players now with injuries and we looked sort of sad out there. It certainly gave the coaches areas to improve in.
Caitie has been chosen as one of only two Sophomores in her HS to participate in a Leadership conference next Spring. The name of the organization is HOBY. You can google it if you want to learn more, it’s a great opportunity, but she’s going to miss a key soccer weekend in State Cup play………….a real turmoil in decision making.
I’m not as personally impacted by the economic crisis our country is in as many are. I am saddened by the lack of concern we seem to be giving to the consumers and we are bailing out banks and investment firms and they are still shafting homeowners with mortgages. My heart goes out to these folks, many hard working people who hit on hard times, began over their heads to begin with and were sold into mtg that were a bad deal. There are dozens of scenarios and the end of all of them just seems to suck. I hate that Obama is inheriting such a nightmare, and I hope he can help us get out of it. I’m of the belief to tighten your belt, only spend what you can afford to, and try to ride out the rocky road. I know we are looking at all the dollars we spend and thinking twice.
Wow did this post roam or what!!!??

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  1. Crazy Mom of Three

    Do you every worry that your dh might lose his job? I worry about this since we have only one income. I just wondered if you did as well since you are also a one-income household. Nice picture of your ds! I agree that it really bites how many individuals are not being bailed out right now. The whole concept of bailing out is a hard one for me. But there are some mortgages that should just be redone since they were just corrupt (all my opinion.)

  2. Anita

    Not really Susan,dh is upper management(VP) in a Credit union and his job is secure. His job is fairly recession resistant. The CU is mid to large in size and very financially sound.
    I agree with you on some mtg being bad, greed is an ugly thing. Speaking of, I saw your area on the news this morning with 24% drop in home sales last month….wow, your area must really be seeing some hard times.

  3. Crazy Mom of Three

    That is good Anita. I knew he worked in a financial industry, but I didn’t know if it was one of the big name national financial companies. I have heard that the Credit Unions and Regional Banks are the most secure because they never took the risks the big corps took. I feel very comfortable that our personal mortgage is with our local credit union. I am so glad we aren’t still with Countrywide … they just treat us right at our credit union. We have a home equity line of credit that a more national mortgage company would have lowered on us due to the decline in our current housing market here. Yes, it is bad. My current house that we bought two years ago appraised for $40,000 below what we payed. We are just glad we already sold our other house! Yikes!!! That would have been awful to take a loss on that!

  4. Beth

    It is interesting about tightening your belt…I am not also really feeling the crunch like others because that is the way we have lived forever… I am finding some “interest” in watching others finally getting it… hmmmmmmmm Yes I do have debt but not like many others… Life as usual here.. I will probably spend the same amount on Christmas in the past… we are eating the same…etc.

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