Background update

December 9, 2008 holidays 5

Let me know what you think……………I’m still struggling to be creative….LOL. Truth be told I’m not crafty…….my scrapbook layouts always look like the templates they suggest, in that respect I dont’ think outside the box.

Thankfully I can cook and decorate and I have other creative outlets……………..

UPDATE: Thanks to Elizabeth I have an even new look! I love this and it’s given me such a feeling of creativity! I hope you all enjoy it.

I’m feeling all festive and merry now!

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  1. Elizabeth

    Hi Anita. Happy Holidays! Thanks for stopping by today. It sounds like you have such a busy, fullfilling life. Twin teenagers must be something! And about this post… I’m not a pro or anything but I know how to make headings to match your background if you’d like me to. It’ll only take me a few minutes if you’d like.

  2. Elizabeth

    Okay, send me the links to the backgrounds you really like and I’ll make some headings for you to chose between today 🙂 I love the colors of my bg too… that’s why I haven’t gone holiday yet LOL. This layout is just too much me to change it right now! I did find this one I just LOVED for holiday though.

    And thanks for the comment on my spending blog. We are so excited about the changes we’ve made 🙂 We were really sinking fast. A few months ago, we spent $700 more than we made! Now, we’re in control. Though, it’s a little crazy this month with Christmas 🙂

  3. DCup

    Pretty! And very much more creative than anything I could do. I’m hard pressed to change the color of my blog and always end up with the same gray.

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