Wednesday Whine

December 10, 2008 Uncategorized 7

Do I complain too much? Do I whine? I’m not sure. I don’t always bring my woes to my blog, but my husband would say I doth protest too much. My blogger friend Amy The Borrelli Household added this to her blog today, and I’m going to join in. Only 3 things……….and then on to happier moments…….Thanks Amy.

1. While discussing finances and buying a new or newer car for me, Kevin and I had an argument last night……..I feel awful. He’d been holding his thoughts in on this topic and it just bothers me that he didn’t want to discuss it. We were still a kind of cool to one another this morning…ugh.

2. My daughters are pigs…..ok, maybe all teen girls have their moments but I wonder if never reigned in if mine would ever pick up after themselves.

3. I’m procrastinating some of my to do lists, and then at the end of the day, I feel like I wasted so much time.

That is certainly enough for now, and I could go in much greater detail with those whines, but it’s enough. Writing them down atleast gives me the desire to tackle 2 of them…………honestly the girls pig sty of a room…………..not my plan for today.

7 Responses to “Wednesday Whine”

  1. Amy Mae

    I’m right there with you on the pig sty rooms, except mine belong to a 6yo and a 2yo. Oh – I LOVE your blog – it’s so Christmassy! If that’s a word, of course lol.

  2. Amy Mae

    I understand decorating issues with husbands! I’m amazed we haven’t divorced over Christmas lights yet – maybe I’ll post about thhe year I totally lost it on my front lawn over an extension cord – it’s funny now (5 or so years later!).

  3. Beth

    Oh stop whining…lol…life is good…@@ just kidding… Are you getting a new(er) car? I thought yours were still in good condition?

    I think you still need a darker font…or it may be the glare on my computer…

  4. Crazy Mom of Three

    I procrastinate a lot too. Some days are more productive than others though, so it all works out I guess. Try not to worry about the girls’ room. Just close the door until they can’t stand it anymore themselves (?) Or, tell them if you are going to have to clean their room for them, then they need to do these certain jobs for you later today (and list some of the ones you are procrastinating.)

  5. Elizabeth

    I procrastinate too 🙂 Well, as much as I can get away with. If I procrastinate too long, my husband will do it with sighs and head shakes the whole time. And then when I can’t find something, he’ll remind me that I should have put it away. Maybe mom was right when she told me I married my father LOL!!

  6. DCup

    Oh the procrastination is so bad this year! And isn’t the blog the best place to vent and whine? It’s got to be better than bottling it up.

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