It’s Raining, It’s…………..

December 11, 2008 Uncategorized 2

Pouring, you get the idea.
I got out early and did my errands, after dropping the kids at their respective schools. I grocery shopped and was bummed that I forgot to take my parent’s new address with me so I could get their gifts shipped to them, via UPS…ugh!
I got home, and put it all away………and then my mom called…………what a great chat we had. They are now living in an Independant living apartment and today is their first attempt to take the van to Wal-mart………I’d have preferred Target, but you get what you get…ha ha. Mom is excited. They’ve been relying on my sibs to take them out for just about everything.

Because it’s rainy and icky out I’m making a pot roast for dinner, a real stick to your ribs, warm up meal.

On the Christmas prep front, I only have 6 more gifts to wrap, and I might get to some of that in a few minutes. I have a list of 6 different cookies/treats to make, now the time is the issue. I have the time alone, but the kids want to help me.
I’m making:
Pretzel Hugs
Ice Cream Cookies(dough made with real ice cream)
press cookies
RC treats
Choc chip cookies
and either Peanut Butter balls or Peanut Butter blossoms……not positive yet.
Sounds like a ton of cookies, but more than half of them will be going out in gift boxes to friends. Last year I bought boxes at Target for 75% off…yay me!

Sadly we’ve only received one Christmas card this year. I’m going to scan ours and post it here soon.

I’m not as presurred this season, and I’m really hoping I enjoy it more.
OH, still no tree or major decorations up…………but maybe tonight some, and Kevin promises the tree up on Saturday morning………no ifs ands or buts.

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  1. Just Me

    We only have received one card this year too. I don’t send them out though. I try every year and it just doesn’t get done.

  2. DCup

    Wow! You are busy! But it sounds like good busy. I love the idea of sending out cookies and the making of them can be such fun.

    How does the tree look?

    P.S. I love the new seasonal look of your blog and the new header!

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