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December 13, 2008 children, friends 3

I’m a blog lurker, I’ve virtually “met” so many people via their blogs lately, and I enjoy the diversity and looking into their lives.
Via Beth, my dear sweet former board buddy, I’ve been led to learn more about others, and one of those bloggers led me to this person, Nicole.Grey’s Gift: Baby, It’s All Right. Today her baby, her less than one year old son lost his battle with Krabbes disease. I feel so sad and so humbled by what she is facing and how strong she has been. Her short but beautiful blog sharing her son Greyson with so many others is touching and heartbreaking.
Go take a look, say a prayer, hug your child and think of Nicole and her family.

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  1. DCup

    I don’t think I can read it right now, but thank you for sharing this blog. I will go back to it because I trust your recommendation.

  2. Nicole

    I was just reading through your blog and came upon Grey’s tribute. Thank you for all of your support and for sharing Grey’s story with everyone.

    Even in his absence, Grey continues to give me blessings every day. One of them has been you.

    I spent your gift card on a GI Joe for Riley and a Yo Yo Ball for Seth. They are fighting with them right now. Riley is shooting Seth with the grapling launcher. Seth is swinging the Yo Yo Ball at Ry. Soon, someone will get hurt.

    And life goes on . . .

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