Wednesday Whine

December 17, 2008 Uncategorized 5

Let me start by saying I don’t have much to whine about!! YAY.

1. I have a cold, it’s not so bad except for late at night when I feel exhausted and my throat hurts, I drank tea last night and it helped a ton.

2. Laundry……why does it just keep happening?!

That’s enough of that!

5 Responses to “Wednesday Whine”

  1. DCup

    I hope you feel better quickly. And when you get the laundry thing figured out, please let me know. I’d love a remedy to it!

  2. Elizabeth

    I hope you feel better!! And thank you so much for sharing your memories in my comments. You made me cry đŸ™‚ But in a wonderful, mom-to-mom way. Thank you.

  3. Phoebe

    Oh the neverending-ness of laundry! Thank you for stopping by my blog! It’s always fun to meet new people in the world of blogs!
    Hope you get to feeling better!

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