Friday Five

December 19, 2008 Uncategorized 3

It’s that time again………wow this week flew by.

I’m thankful that:

1. Some wonderful drug companies make Advil cold and sinus and Nyquil liquigels(though they are huge), I’m able to function semi-normal.

2. My kids are done with school today for 2 entire weeks, that is 16 full days with no homework or projects or having to be the chauffer at 7:30am….and up way before that.

3. My kids are wonderful, good, driven and so balanced. They have given more of themselves this week to make others Christmas better, and they haven’t asked for a single thing beyond one more cookie.

4. My husband is good to me, is employed, and didn’t get upset at me for being all congested and yucky and waking him the last 3 night with this cold.

5. Coffee……….and having the time to sit and have another cup, while blogging, reading, reading a book, praying……….and remembering how good life is……..even in the wake of seeing how confusing life can be.

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  1. Nicole


    My husband and I received your card today. Thank you for your thoughtfulness and thank you for following my blog. With your help, my Grey will never be forgotten.


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