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I haven’t been posting because I took Adrienne to a weekend softball tournament. I am also still sick with my lousy cold. UGH! Last night I was awake for nearly 3 hours……….it was awful.

Our weekend was fairly good, only marred by the fact that Adrienne is not hitting. My poor baby, she is so frustrated and her bat just doesn’t seem to be working for her, the less she hits the more frustrated and determined she becomes, and yet she appears to choke up and swing, foul or miss and sulk back to the dug out defeated. As her mom, it’s awful to watch. She’ll get it back, but it’s hard, and today she didn’t get to bat at all, and she felt even more defeated. Her coaches are awesome, and they will work with her.

We did attend a wonderful Christmas banquet with her team, and she received some sweet gifts. Her team is part of a larger organization that all celebrates together.

I’m home tonight, and we relaxed and watched a movie, the girls, Kevin and I, my little guy is spending the night with his best bud………little boys are just the best…………they are actually less trouble together, no fussing!! I sure hope Sheila has ice cream…………because Nick is needy about his daily ice cream.

I hope your weekend was peaceful, and not too hurried and scurried. I know a few bloggers who were snowed or frozen in, a few bloggers that tried to catch up,a few bloggers that we reflective, and a few bloggers that wish this gift giving season would go away………….you can claim your own status!

For me, the next few days should be mostly peaceful and thoughtful. No school, no homework, no rushing ,no shopping, no wrapping…………it’s all behind me now.

Good night dear bloggers, this viral infected woman is taking her cup of tea and book and heading to bed…………………….praying to sleep well.

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  1. Elizabeth

    I hope you feel better soon. And, she’ll get her swing back šŸ™‚

    I’ll take the titles snowed in, frozen, and trying to catch up. šŸ™‚ Happy Christmas Week!!

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