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I am thinking that this is one of my calmest and most peaceful weeks of Christmas I’ve ever had. I am amazed at what difference early shopping and wrapping make. It’s given us more time to focus on family and the reason for the season.

Last night Kevin and I ran out to pick up new jammies for the kids, to give them a gift for Christmas eve, we found great jammies and bargains to boot. Not too many shoppers in our little mall, made me sad. Trust me after years in retail, I know those folks need to earn a living too. I can’t wait for the kids to see the surprises we’ve bought for them, some things on their lists and others they thought were out of reach.

We are planning our Christmas day feast fest…lol, starting with homemade monkey bread, snacks all day, ham and scallopped potatoes for dinner….yummm.

I do admit that with all the blessings I have I miss my family so much this time of year. My parents and sibs are in Texas, and we aren’t able to be with them every year. Kevin’s parents have passed away, and I miss those traditions too. My MIL hosted every Christmas eve, it was tradition and wonderful. We would all go to Mass and back to her house for food and gift exchange, mostly for the kids, and we’d eat and drink and sing and enjoy the family. We’d pass new babies around and just love that feeling of being together. My kids would be exhausted and come home all sleepy or asleep and we’d tuck them in and get busy being Santa and then we always took a minute to sit by the lights of the tree and feel how lucky we were to have our family and our children and each other……….I hope you are finding these blessings in your life each day.

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  1. Beth

    Blessings for a Merry Christmas… traditions are important…and just think of the ones you are giving your own children!

  2. DCup

    What a nice post. Your description of Christmas eve resonates with me. When MathMan’s mother and grandmother were alive, we would all go to his brothers. We would exchange gifts and sing carols to the music provided by all the siblings. They each play a different instrument. It’s a family tradition.

    Now we’re so far away…..we do try to go online and see them via webcam. Maybe this year we should try to join in the music via webcam, too!

    Merry Christmas! And thank you for the reminder of happy times.

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