Early on Christmas Eve

December 24, 2008 family 1

Huge news!!! I actually slept for more than 2 hours in a row last night!!! This cold has been kicking my butt………and I’ve been struggling to be active and normal with the lack of solid sleep. I am not all well, but I feel a bit more human this morning.

I was up early to drop dear Caitie has HS soccer practice, the house is quiet, Adrienne and Nick still sleeping……..coffee in hand I read the blogs, the message boards, the emails, the headlines. I enjoy catching up while it’s early and peaceful.

I’m going to bake a cake soon…….a chocolate cake…….it’s decadent, it’s got choc chips in it and sour cream and coffee……..and it’s the kind of thing you make to take somewhere or when guests are coming, but for Christmas, I’m making it just for our family………yummy!

We have an opportunity to give today. I got an email from a friend that children at a local home/shelter for abused children don’t have gifts for Christmas. We chose a teen girl and yesterday I went out and bought some bath items and socks and candy……….and we’ll drop it off today. We have so much, and we need to remember that giving to those in need is another opportunity for us to share our love. It breaks your heart to think about children whose parents couldn’t love and care for them the way we do ours.

Last night the boyfriend of Caitie joined us for dinner, and I do think after 16 months he’s beginning to believe that we don’t hate him…………he’s not been easy to convince. If you’ve read my blog you may recall that while I like him, he might not be my ideal choice for my daughter. There are much worse senarios we could be looking at, so the fact that he is a good student, involved in band, SGA, volunteering, and appears to be a good son, I need to remember those, and realize that I don’t get to choose every friend my children will have. We had a nice dinner, they watched a DVD and played video games, the rest of the family cracked them up singing air karaoke from the free cable channel……..what a hoot.

I plan on popping back in later today………………as events unfold……

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