The Story of our Day

December 26, 2008 Uncategorized 3

Adrienne in her PJ’s

Caitie in her penguin pj’s

and my darling Nick

I hope all your Christmases were blessed and happy and peaceful, here is how ours went.
Christmas Eve: Kevin was home at 1:30 and we just relaxed……….I even got a nap…………ahhhhhh! I made chicken Marsala for dinner and we went to Mass at 6pm. Nick was an alter server.
After Mass we drove around and looked at lights and when we got home Santa’s elves had left a surprise, new jammies!!(a small ornament and Christmas socks too) The kids all loved their new jammies and I got pictures too.
We all changed into jammies and watched Mama Mia, it was a hoot, and I didn’t realize I knew so many ABBA songs. We tried getting everyone to bed by 11:00, but Nick was so antsy he was really having a hard time.
Kevin and I did stockings and a non wrapped gift for Nick, his skateboard deck, and off to bed we went.

Christmas morning: We had a pact with Nick, no getting up before 8am. This child of mine has been known to wake at 4am and beg, cry, negotiate to open gifts…………..ugh! So at 7:19am I was sad to hear him come into my room and say………I’m thirsty and need a drink and can’t wait! In our home, all bedrooms lead through the den to the kitchen, so he was trying hard not to peek and he asked for cold water…lol. He’d been up since 5:45, had been told by Cait to play on her laptop if he woke early. He had and then…………..thirst got to him. Note…….next year give him a frozen bottle of water before bed to tide him over…..ha ha.

So Kevin got him his water…………and we were talking, he was just a spaz, he couldn’t be still!!! Adrienne woke and came in, and by 7:50 I gave up and told him to wake Caitie.
He screamed when he saw his stocking, he screamed when he saw his new skate deck. He was thrilled with his new wii game and clothes and everything. Adrienne was surprised she got 2 jackets I’d told her no on. Caitie didn’t seem surprised by anything……..sadly, but she’d been way specific on her list and never varied.
Their big surprises were the TV’s. We had wrapped them and said they were for Kevin and I, and when we started to open them we said, oh this is for you…………lol…………they were thrilled! I told them we’d already had cable run to their rooms, they were impressed with my sneakiness……………..yay! Ah so peaceful with no one arguing to lay in my bed for TV, no one mussing my bed…….yay!
The kids gave us really nice small gifts, and all was happy. I got up to prepare Monkey bread……… discover I had no cinnamon~~~ Ok dang it I know there was some in there……..I still know there is some in there……………where did it go? What would Christmas morning be without sending Kevin out to the local Winn-Dixie, where we never shop, to buy something. He found it…………it was busy, and he returned home and I got it made and we baked it and ate it up!!!!
Picked up paper and boxes and bows and stuffings and then took a shower. My kids have this belief that you should stay as comfy and unkept looking as you can on Holidays, it drives me buggy, but I didn’t let it get me down. Adrienne looked like a homeless waif most of the day….forget the fact that she just received $200 worth of new clothes probably. The plan was for a day of snacking, and we did just that. Nick was depressed that he recieved a blender as a gift, but I had no fruit that he wanted to make a smoothie, and his dad refused winn dixie trip two.
I layed down, for a nap, and Cait went to her boyfriends house, Kevin fell asleep and didn’t wake me, and then voila, Cait and boyfriend are at our house………….and I was still snoozing at 4:30pm. I got up, did my hair, and re-appeared, apron on, and preparing dinner. He gave her a lovely silver heart bracelet.
I prepared the green beans and the scalloped potatoes and we had ham and rolls too. The boyfriend went home to have dinner with his family. We didn’t eat til nearly 7, but no complaints, it was so so good!
Kevin cleaned the kitchen, and I called the family in TX to check in, they were all well, it had been a long day for many of them, as my sister’s son’s family has to do gifts at his house, his in-laws house and then my sister’s house………….it’s a wild circus. The gifts we sent all fit and we thanked them for our gifts and I ofcourse felt teary and sad and told my parents how I wished I could be with them.
All in jammies again by 8pm, we settled down to watch one of Nick’s new movies, the new Batman DVD release. I fell asleep, as did Nick, toward the end. We were woken by my dd’s and hubby taking a picture of us sleeping, me with my mouth open and them laughing at us. I was not happy. They claim they were not laughing at us, but saying how cute were were on the love seat all snuggled up together. It didn’t feel like that.

I fumed off to bed, and couldn’t sleep. I was in a poor mood, it had put a damper on a nearly idylic day.
99% wonderful, that is how our day went. Somehow in there we found time to pray a bit and be thankful for God and his gifts.

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  1. DCup

    It sounds like a happy day with the family, despite the very last photo-taking incident.

    I’m glad that they were surprised with their televisions!

  2. Just me

    That is so neat that you wrote that all down! It sounds wonderful:) That was wonderful to read!

    I wish I had written what we had done the whole day for Christmas! How neat:) I’ll remember that for next year! We have twins too! Identical girls:)

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