December 28, 2008 family 5

Today at Mass the focus was on the Holy Family, Mary, Joseph and Jesus. There was much discussion of what is a family, and how do they support each other.

I was thankful to hear that a family is many things, not just one accepted unit. When one is single it may be the others they live with and share their day to day life. To an elderly person, it may be the people that care for them, or the others that share their living environment.

My family, we are so imperfect and yet we do love, we do share, we do support………and we accept each others flaws. I love my husband and children and yet I do goofy things all the time and in hindsight I shake my head and wonder where my love and compassion are. I don’t do big hurtful things, but I might not give the right amount of support when needed, or I might not be as excited about the small things they are. I might not give as much snuggle time or passion to my husband when he needs it, I might be too busy thinking of me.

I do love my family, and I do want to strive to give them more of my support and love. I love the family of my youth, my parents and siblings. I want to reach out to my husbands family, there are only siblings left, and we are not close and I often believe that it will take one of us, to make that step, to bring is back together more. There are other families too, those that need to know that my support is there.

So today, reach out to your family, and share some love.

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  1. DCup

    It’s a good thing to remember. I’ve been spending some time with my kids – reconnecting and lavishing smooches on them. They want to know what’s wrong with me????

    Just kidding! They seem to still enjoy it. So do I.

    Enjoy your family time!

  2. Casey

    Wow, what a great post, it sure got me thinking. Thanks for visiting my blog. I am off to go read some more of yours! Ohh and I read on Kristen’s blog that you have family in the Prosper area, I live not far from there.

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