January 1, 2009 Uncategorized 5

I added music!

If you read with no sound, it won’t impact you, and if you do and you don’t like it, you can mute it…………….I know I’m very silly, but who knew you could do such cool things!

Thanks to the bloggers I read, like Denise, who made it easy for me to find where she did such a cool thing!

My life is fairly simple isn’t it! A wild NYE at home, playing with my blog!

Kids are watching Horton Hears a Who……..because I got it from Netflix and I refuse to send it back unviewed. They are such good kids. Kevin is laying in our bed watching tv, probably falling asleep.

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  1. Beth

    you are just way into this blogging stuff! Aren’t ya glad I turned you onto it? lol I think I will skip the music part…too much going on in the room with the computer…

  2. Beth

    I got my speakers working but nothing is coming from your blog… I can hear the music on Denise’s blog but not yours!

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