Friday Five

January 2, 2009 friday five 3

I am so thankful!!!!

1. Even thought Caitie’s team lost a second game she was positive and not in a bad mood after the game
2. My husband is the greatest……….and I love that he has this 4 day weekend to spend with his family
3. We ate at my favorite mexican place for lunch………..and it was so good.
4. My daughters cleaned their room……..and we can not only see the floor and their furniture, but their beds are made and clothes put away…..quick look now!!!
5. I’m going to get some coffee and go read for a while.

3 Responses to “Friday Five”

  1. Sheri Hubbs

    I love your blog too. 😉 You have gave me some great ideas, but I won’t “copy” you. LoL
    You have a really beautiful family. I am looking very forward to getting to know you. With the photos…. Ill have to teach you, it’s very easy.
    Take care and happy reading. Take care.

  2. Anita

    Thanks Beth. Cait’s team is out of this tournament. We did get an offer to play a team from Chicago as a scrimmage tomorrow, so they will. I’m guessing their flights home aren’t til late tomorrow or Sunday.
    In February her team will start playing more games in prep for State Cup which begins late March.

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