Two Things

January 2, 2009 memes 2

Sheri posted this on her blog, so I’m doing it too!

Two Names You Go By: Momma, Anita
Two Things You Are Wearing Right now: Sweater and socks(other things too silly!
Two Things You Want Very badly At the Moment: Right now? Coffee, and a quiet place to read.
Two People Who Will Fill This Out (and post a comment here to tell us..) Beth and Elizabeth maybe?
Two things you did last night:Cooked dinner and watched TV with my family
Two things you ate yesterday: Chicfila nuggets and a roast for dinner
Things you’re doing tomorrow: Taking Adrienne to the beach for a party…yes in January and going to Target
Two longest car rides: FL to TX and FL to Chicago
Two favorite Holidays: Christmas and Halloween
Two favorite vacation spots: Savannah GA and anywhere on a beach
Two favorite beverages:only 2? Coffee and Sweet Tea…and I can’t resist a Cosmopolitan

So be a sport and play too!

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  1. Beth

    In response to your comment on my blog…

    We have the online hold also..bit it is part of a nine library system…L likes to go to the library and it is just down the street from us…so we go. A waiting list is a waiting list no matter where you enter your name!

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