Saturday relaxing

January 3, 2009 Uncategorized 3

Do you ever need peaceful days? I do, I need days where I’m not rushing everywhere and today was good medicine.
7:20am, woke up, Kevin and Cait already prepping for the drive to Orlando and soccer.
8:00–They leave and I’m free to drink coffee and read blogs and emails. I also settle in and do some spiritual time, and feel better for the introspection.
9:00– I make sure Nick and Adrienne are awake. I take a shower and get dressed and hair and make up on. If you don’t know me well…..guess what, I never leave the house without my hair and make up on. It’s not that I’m beautiful, quite the opposite, I’m sort of plain, and it makes me feel better. I’m guessing no one would ever say……..eek gads you look awful, but to me it’s as essential as a shower and deoderant.
10am ish–Adrienne and I go to Target, she drives and doesn’t kill us, I daily pray a bit more when one of the girls is driving.
We get a b-day card and giftcard for her friend, I pick up another birthday card I’ll need next week
11 am ish–Adrienne drives out to the beach, and meets up with her friends……..she waves goodbye to me, and I drive home to Nick. He’s been home watching cartoons and playing wii for over an hour. He is fine by himself, and he choose not to go, but he doesn’t like to be alone for to long.
@12:00–Soccer game done, Cait starving, Kevin to get her a sub somewhere.
Nick and I debate a movie or staying home. He’s called 2 of his best buds and neither can come over or do a movie, he is bummed. He eventually decided a movie tomorrow maybe.
1:20something–Nick begs for Taco Bell….ugh! I give in, and drive him through and when we arrive home……….yay…….Kevin and Caitie are home.
2:00-4:00………I folded some clothes, swept the bathroom floor, grabbed the rugs to be washed, updated my new 2009 datebook some more, Adrienne got a ride home from the beach……..she had fun. Kevin vacummed out his car, and I think he intended to wash it, but I think he’s now napping in our bedroom.
@4:00, I put the ingredients in the bread maker for homemade pizza dough, for pizza for dinner. I tried to sell it this fall in a garage sale, no luck, so I’m using it again.

It’s been a very laid back day, Adrienne may go out tonight with friends, bowling or something.

Nick just announced he’s going poop……..why do little boys like to announce their bodily functions………oh and he is so smart, he just came out for toilet paper.

Some days you just need to hang out at home, and chill.

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  1. Crazy Mom of Three

    Those types of days are my very favorite. We had bread machine pizza dough and homemade pizza twice in the last two weeks. It was yummy!!! Now I am really inspired to become a better cook … it sure makes eating at home more fun when the food is good, ya know?

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