Opportunities for Kindness

January 6, 2009 Parenting, prayer 5

How many times in a day do you have the opportunity to surprise your children and make their day?
I had just such an event today. Last night I got a call about volunteering in the HS office today, to replace someone, and I said I could. Today was the first day back from Winter Break. Our school is on block scheduling( sorry this may be long and boring)………so long story short, we did finals before break, new classes start Thursday, really nothing going on for 2 days, but you have to have 90 days in each semester….blah blah blah, so I checked the girls out at 11:45!~~
I was even really nice and checked the boyfriend out with his mom’s permission and took the 3 of them out to lunch! Adrienne is staying home tomorrow and Cait has to attend half a day because she has a soccer game tomorrow night.
The girls were amazed I was so nice about it, granted Adrienne hasn’t had one absence and Cait missed a half day in November. Lunch was fun, they are in a great mood and I’ve given them reason to believe I am always on their side and love them….. YAY.

The second part of my day I had a moms in touch prayer meeting and as is typical we have a topic we plan to discuss and the mood or the needs of the group sort of take us in a new direction.
Today we discussed forgiveness……how to give it and not to keep holding a grudge or bad feelings. Forgiveness is not forgetting, or necessarily going back to the same feelings that you may have had with a person. Most times it’s respecting what you learn and changing relationships. It was a good topic.

The rest of the day was running around, and now I’m cooking dinner. Proudly I didn’t even sign onto a computer today until 3:25 pm. I willingly admit my internet addiction…….isn’t that some step in a 12 step program?

Do you have someone you need to fogive? Do it now, and get it off of your heart. Have a great night!

5 Responses to “Opportunities for Kindness”

  1. Lisa

    How nice to get to surprise your kids like that. Wonderful! And I took your advice. I was just winding up to be mightily annoyed at someone just now. Instead I sent him a nice email wishing him a good day tomorrow.

  2. Beth

    Sometimes forgiving makes a person feel vulnerable and it isn’t an easy thing to feel or be…

    Your kids are lucky…I never let them out out school just because…the poor things…I guess as a teacher I have different views on this…

  3. Elizabeth

    You’re such an awesome mom! I bet they really enjoyed that.

    I need to forgive myself. That’s about it. I’m very hard on me.

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