Once a year I hear……………..

January 9, 2009 doctors 2

………..please scoot all the way down, thank you. UGH, it was the annual GYN visit today. I know I know, the excitement in my life is staggering.

Now my GYN no longer helps women bring new babies into the world, so what was the deal today with my one hour wait? I have no clue, but since I like him so much, I let it go, I did have a book to read.

My weight is up from last year, ugh! My blood pressure was great, 120/72. I haven’t had a period in months, so it appears I’m in menopause, or on they way. I think you have to have no period for a year to be in full blown menopause. The Dr ordered bloodwork, and I went and had it done.

Dr Q. delivered the girls, so he always asks about them and is amazed at any new pictures I show him. He is so sweet to inquire about their healthy and becoming young women.

About that bloodwork, I went to the lab and it was blissfully not crowded and I got right in. The phlebotomist looked at both arms, tying off and having my pump my hand and saying, um no you have lousy veins. I knew this already. She finally had to do the draw from a vein in my hand………….ouchie!!! She did do a very nice job, no bruise tonight.

So you would think that would be enough to bring my day down, but NOOOOO. I ran a couple of errands and returned home to find an email about a soccer tournament I need to find hotel rooms for in February. Ok, not so easy, huge tournament, college town with some really bad accomodations, and we are late registering and prepping for this. I spent much of the afternoon fretting and making phone calls and stressing over how much this is going to cost each family and how I really would rather book cheaper rooms…UGH.

I grocery shopped and spent much less than normal, so now even with the list I made and bought to, I’m wondering what in the world I forgot!
So to say the least this has not been a stellar day. I’m fine, I soothed myself by making brownies…ha ha. Not exactly a plan for weight loss, but they are good.

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  1. Elizabeth

    I’m sorry your day wasn’t so great! Tomorrow’s a new one. And I really, really, really want a brownie! But I’m on a diet 🙁 I’m up from last year too.

  2. Crazy Mom of Three

    I am up from last year too. At least you are in good company … so, just pass over that plate of brownies .. LOL!

    I go to the GYN on the last day of the month … ick! I especially hate that it is a new year and we get to begin again with medical deducibles … why do they do that? That is one brand-new thing about a new year I can do without =)

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