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January 12, 2009 Uncategorized 1

“One does not make friends. One recognizes them.”~Garth Henrichs

This week in our parish we are having a short Mission…other churches probably call it a guest speaker or other things, but we have a Sr. visiting and speaking on several topics and how they apply to your spirtuality etc.

Today’s topic was A Christian Perspective on Friendhips and Relationships. It’s good to hear things like this even though we believe we know most of it already. Which of us can say we are always a good friend and we never have problems relating to people? As our speaker said, if you think you are…….what world are you living in? Because in the real world we have obstacles and face challenges.

I’m sharing this because it really hit home, and I enjoyed it very much. It was a good way to begin the week with attending Mass first and then the speaker. I admit I like a slower start to my days, drop kids at school, return home for more coffee and my computer fix, and then my routines.

I’ts a 3 day mission……….so two more days to hear something new.

We have a new Pastor(priest) and he is a joy to listen to and share with. The past two weeks our pews have been filling up again, and it’s been great!

I linked my blog to my Facebook page……….so maybe a few more readers will find me.

The rest of my day has been laundry and housework and trying to coordinate a trip to TX later this week and planning a spring break trip to the Keys………….busy busy!

Tonight is one of the last HS soccer games………….and it’s damp and chilly out…not my favorite….ugh! HS softball try outs start today for Adrienne, so think happy thoughts for her, she gets really nervous even though she is a very good player.

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