Leavin’ on a Jet Plane…….

January 15, 2009 Uncategorized 2

Come on you know the words to the song!
The girls and I are flying out in a few hours to go to Dallas to see my family.
My 81 and 84 year old parents have moved since my trip in August. They are living in a Senior Independant Apartment, and they have adjusted finally. It was touch and go for a long while, my mom is a tough one.
My sister and brother live in the Dallas area too, so it will be a great 4 days.

I’m taking a blogging break while away…………but I’ll likely be back to blogging on Tuesday.

Have a wonderful weekend.

Quick, I’m thankful for
1. The ability to travel to see my family
2. My children, they are wonderful
3. My memory, or I’d already killed daughter 2 who is wonderful but dramatic, and yet I remember being 15, but she would say I don’t….go figure.
4. My husband Kevin, he is the most wonderful partner I could imagine
5. Friends, the kind that support and hug and tell you, yes you are flawed…..big time, but it’s ok, you’re still lovable!

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