January 25, 2009 family 3

We’ve had a great day!
I got up early and made french toast for breakfast, I had purchased some chalah bread at teh grocery, sliced it thick and it was so good! Nice way to start the day, all of us sitting down together.
We went to mass, it is Catholic School week, and Nick was an alter server. I may have mentioned we have a new Pastor, I really enjoy him.
We came home and some kids were scrounging for lunch Our plan for the day was vehicle clean up! We may have an interested buy in my van..yay! We washed all 3 cars and cleaned out the interior of the van. I guess the question is, why did we let it get so dirty when we used it daily? It’s looking pretty good now. Yesterday we had the oil changed and the tired rotated and I so so hope we sell it soon. The girls washed Kevin’s car, it will become theirs in August, so it’s nice they are showing enough interest in it, and it’s care.
It was sunny and warm all day, probably near 80!
We are grilling steaks and just relaxing now. I love a day like this.

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  1. Lisa

    Wow. That sounds like such a nice day. And every time I clean my car, I wonder why I don’t do it more often. My father, the car-neat-freak would simply faint if he knew ho long I go between washings.

  2. Denise K.

    What a lovely weekend indeed! I remember Catholic School’s Week when I taught 3rd grade in California! It is always such a fun and busy week, but such a great way to get the word out about Catholic education! Enjoy your week, and may many blessings be yours today! 🙂

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