The life you live

January 26, 2009 life 3

Who will remember you?
What mark will you leave?

Ok, big subject, a bit deeper than I think I can go today, but something I’ve been thinking about.

I think my mark will be my children, how I have raised them, what type of adults they finally become.

I hope it won’t be the lousy way I keep my desk…….ugh.

3 Responses to “The life you live”

  1. Lisa

    I agree, I think first and foremost, my children will be the most important thing(s) I leave when I go. I really hope that my legacy isn’t my last post about passing gas!

  2. sheila

    Wow, those were pretty deep questions. A lot to ponder really when you think about it.

    I hope my children and my sense of humor. Maybe my ability to create and bounce back. Hopefully NOT the 5 times I backed through the garage door over the years.

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