Happy Birthday to Nick

January 28, 2009 birthdays, nick 4

Today Nick is 11 years old, where have the years gone. Just yesterday he was my little 8 lb bundle of joy, and then a cute curious toddler, and now..well now he’s a young man.

I scanned a few pics of Nick when he was little, pre-digital camera in our home. Nick was the child that I begged…oh just one more Kevin, the girls were four and a half and those years had flown by. I was surprised and happy when I found out I was pregnant and the girls were thrilled, announcing they wanted a brother……happily I obliged!

He arrived mid morning, and I was thrilled to have my VBAC and push him out.
Isn’t he handsome here with Kevin’s mom?

Just six weeks old and we took him to DisneyWorld….a friend later told me Mickey holding babies is a big no no!!

His 3rd Birthday! He loved Thomas the Tank Engine and those trains.

The summer of age 3…..so cute!

So bye bye to my little boy……….he’s growing up…..and as I hold back a little tear, I smile, knowing that I’ll enjoy all the next years to come too!

4 Responses to “Happy Birthday to Nick”

  1. Lisa

    Oh, Anita! He’s so cute! And he’s growing up into such a handsome young man. Watching the baby of the family is definitely a bittersweet thing.

    I hope Nick has a happy birthday!

  2. Crazy Mom of Three

    Oh, those are great pictures and a great blog entry. It brought tears to my eyes! They grow so fast. You are much better at not dwelling in the tears than I tend to be. Your girls are also so adorable in those pictures …. awwww, they just grow so fast…

  3. Steph

    Love to see those pics from the past. My “baby girl” just turned 12—can’t believe it!

    Enjoy reminiscing…then enjoy the age.

    First time to your blog…enjoyed my visit!

    Be blessed…

  4. Sheri Hubbs

    Aweee happy birthday to him (belated) He’s so stinkin cute! Its sad that they have to grow up so fast. I wish there was some kind of magic pill or something to stop them from growing up so fast!

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