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January 29, 2009 nick life lessons 7

One of my favorite bloggers is Denise at There’s always room for one more is doing a theme week, completely unlike her, but very fun! Take a look at her life lesson today.

My life lesson for all the children is about repeating the not so appropriat joke you heard.

Nick, ah my darling Nick, he loves a good joke, but he isn’t so in tune with the notion of when to just hear it and not continue to tell it.
A classmate told him the following joke.

After everything I say, you repeat Harry Pickle, ok?

There once was a man named…..Harry Pickle

He lived in a town named……Harry Pickle

Everyone there was named…….Harry Pickle

And they hung him up by his……Harry Pickle

Do you hear the 11 year old boy rolling laughter after being told this joke? I do believe that boys enter a phase that just makes anything having to do with bodily funcitons and male body parts seem especially hillarious. My son is in that age………fart jokes and noises make him bust up!

So upon hearing this joke, Nick decides to share, and he wrongly chooses to share with a group of classmates that includes girls……….bad move. One of those precious angels apparently told the teacher.
Now my precocious son attends a Catholic School, they tolerate very little of this kind of thing…so I’ve learned. The three guilty parties(poor Ben the instigator or orginator of the joke) and the three spoke with the Asst Principal. None of them cracked, I’ve been told, and cried….though I will tell you Nick knew he was in trouble. Ben was immediatly given a Conduct Referral, the 3 layer self carbon piece of paper that has to be signed by a parent and brings fear to all 5th graders. Nick was told to tell his parents and that on the following day when the Principal returned she might have other actions.
So Nick told Kevin and he tried not to laugh, when he told me I was like, oh I know what’s coming.
The following school day Nick was also awarded the dreaded Conduct Refferal.
I signed it, and told him, while I know it’s fun to joke about things like this, you need to laugh and keep it to yourself. We are offering no other punishment. He won’t get on the good Citizenship list this quarter.
Oddly Nick’s best friend told his mom, he heard the joke,laughed, but knew he shouldn’t repeat it, where was he as my small child was telling this to a huge group of kids…ha ha!

So there you go boys and girls, life lesson # ????, just because it’s funny doesn’t mean you have to repeat it!

7 Responses to “Life Lesson Thursday”

  1. Denise

    Oh that’s funny! I don’t think the love of body part humor EVER goes away for any human with a Y chromosome! Thanks for joining the fun! You’re linked now!

  2. Crazy Mom of Three

    Good life lesson I guess …. my ds has spent a few times learning unique lessons in the Catholic School principal’s office himself … so, I know how that is. The first time he ever visited there was on his birthday too … it is a life moment that I don’t think will ever be forgotten.

  3. Anita

    Susan, oddly enough he never had to go to the office. His first reprimand was on the PE field. His second was handled by his teacher, very discreetly in class. This happened right before his birthday.

  4. Texas Mom

    I love it! It is a funny joke! Boys will be boys! I am glad that no other punishment was offered up. Trust me, if he is anything like Brayden he has learned his lesson…. until next time that is.

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