February 2, 2009 weekends 4

Quick recap of the weekend:
Friday, dinner out with family at local sports bar, fun and we ran into so many people. Crashed before 10pm…..gosh we’re an old couple…lol.
Saturday, Nick’s basketball game, found a Wii Fit at Target, played with that all afternoon, btw, my wii fit age was only 32…..I love this game! Watched a bizzare movie we had from Netflix, I pick up a lot of independants at times, odd, but interesting. Savage Grace
Sunday, Mass, Nick went to Odyssy of the Mind practice,grocery store for deli meats and lunch stuff, played a little wii fit, ran to get Nick, filled K’s car up with gas for the week. More wii fit. Made a pound cake, to go with fresh strawberries we bought from road side stand, its’ Strawberry season in FL! Cait’s boyfriend came over, got pizza for superbowl. I am not a huge sports fan, so we watch for commercials and the fun. Nick was all for the Cardinals, but I suspected the Steelers were the better team. It was a good game.
It’s Monday again, back to the typical chauffering and house work and life.

4 Responses to “Monday”

  1. Steph

    Sounds like you had a fun weekend!

    Enjoy the Wii—I am ready to get one myself. Our Circuit City is closing down and everything is CHEAP, but I missed out on the Wii. All sold out. No surprise.

    Got a couple wireless mice 50% off, tho! Yea for us!

    Have a great week

  2. Ali

    I was for the Cards too but only because I felt I needed to pick a team:) I sure did enjoy all the super bowl food though–I think I need to go out a buy a wii fit now!

  3. Lisa

    Phew! I guess that’s what weekends are for! Sounds like you got a chance to reconnect and enjoy each other.

  4. Mnmom

    Sounds like a typical weekend, but they are glorious in their common-ness and a comfort. We want a Wii but are too cheap to buy one.

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