Choosing classes

February 4, 2009 high school 6

Age 4

This week my daughters are choosing classes for their Junior year. Could they really be within 2 years of completing high school and us sending them off to college? It boggles my mind!
Our school district like many others is mired with budget cuts and a crisis of offering in depth classes, or a broad range of classes beyong the reqirements of English, History, Math and Science, so that has been our first hurdle. I both girls made some good choices to take Spanish 3, because another year might make a difference in some colleges they will apply to attend. Caitie believes she is interested in architecure, so she’s taking a CAD (computer assisted drawing) course. Adrienne found a computer class, and they both are taking Psychology.
Our school allowed some students to take AP Biology this year, but neither of my girls took it, and I was totally fine with it. My girls are bright and they push themselves to good grades, I am so proud of them. AP is difficult and I respect that. Cait has decided to take AP Literature next year, a huge choice, but one she is making on her own, and we support her. She knows it will challenge her, and honestly, she does best if she makes her choices and pushes herself. She’s got a good track record with all the honors courses she’s taken so far.
This has been an exciting but nerveracking 2 days at our house, class requests must be turned in by Friday, with faculty signatures and some courses require interviews and parental signatures too. I never remember my HS choices being that tough! I wasn’t a slacker, but I wasn’t taking AP classes either. I admire both my daughters ambition, it’s going to carry them far.

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  1. Mnmom

    My twin girls are freshman this year, and one of them has decided to take AP Bio and AP English next year. She spoke with her current teachers and they all assured her she could handle it. I like the idea of college credits for free!

    Like you, I will lose most of my kids when they go off to college. Hard to think about, so I just don’t.

  2. Steph

    My oldest are freshmen this year. It was quite a decision-making process to sign up for classes. I know it will only get more intense as the years progress!

    I am with you–never had such a big to-do about choosing classes. I don’t think we had as many to choose from, first of all. Secondly, there weren’t so many offered as AP, so that wasn’t as big a deal.

    These poor kids nowadays. Good grades aren’t enough–it’s how many AP classes and what extra-curriculars they participated in and excelled in!

  3. Sheri Hubbs

    It’s amazing how fast they grow up hu?!? I don’t remember going thru all that trouble back in my high school years. Sounds like alot of craziness to me. LOL Good luck to them and good job momma! 😉

  4. Lisa

    Oy! This looking at the future and making decisions is making my head hurt! I’m sure that your girls are going to do great!

  5. sheila

    Yeah, those AP courses ARE really hard. And more so when they have other tough classes. My daughter, a great student, even struggled with AP History. She’ll be starting college in the fall. Talk about the years flying by? Yikes.

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