Friday Five

February 6, 2009 friday five 2

I really wanted a meatier topic to write about, but I’m already running late, Nick has the day off from school, we are going to meet Kevin for lunch, and the girls were all discombobulated this morning, we got down the street twice and had to turn around because they both forgot things. The funniest was Adrienne saying”I think I forgot to put my contacts in”…lol! So after the third time we made it. Me with a low fuel sign blinking on my dashboard. New car I really don’t know how far it will go, even with the XX miles to empty function I doubt it. Note to self…..stop and get gas before going anywhere else today!

Anyway, most good week, very hectic as usual, but good.
So My Top Five for this Friday:

1. I’m glad the week of choosing classes is done..whew!
2. I’m proud Adrienne had 2 good hits in her softball game last night and had 3 RBI’s!
3. I’m excited I’ve made some new good friends through a women’s prayer/study group from our church/school.
4. I’m happy Nick is having a combined party tomorrow with his best bud Rueben.
5. I’m happy I have this blog to vent to and share with and I thank you my readers for being on this journey with me.

TGIF all!!! Have a coffee, a late, a soda, a juice, a beer, a cosmopolitan, a drink or something!

2 Responses to “Friday Five”

  1. Steph

    Glad the hard stuff’s done. Hope you and the kids have a fun weekend. And I’m glad you have a blog, too. Isn’t it great to vent when you have a support group? 🙂

    Temp went from the teens to the 60’s here–nice weather for the weekend!

    Be blessed…

  2. Lisa

    I hope you’ve had a chance to relax this weekend! I can just picture you having to go back twice for things. Boy – that’s a familiar moment of “oh crap!”

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